Here are the past releases and future plans for our products.
Donors may request features with high priority, if agreed in advance.

June 2019

Panic Swamptech

PST Alive Checker v0.1 [current]

  • Initial launch

PST Bulk Redirect Checker v0.1 [current]

  • Initial launch

July 2019

PST Alive Checker v0.2

  • Proxy support
  • Multi-threaded operations
  • More detailed errors
  • Persistent settings between sessions
  • Cleaner UI
  • Save list between sessions
  • Dark mode

PST Bulk Redirect Checker v0.2

  • Multi-threaded operations
  • Skip www to non-www redirects
  • Implement commercial licenses into program
  • Multiple proxy support (current 1 limit)
  • Improved UI
  • Selection of user agent from list
  • Save list between sessions
  • Dark mode

PST Sitemap Scraper v0.1

  • Planned initial release, currently ~50% done

August 2019

PST Deep Site Analysis v0.1

  • Planned free beta
  • Will be a main product from Panic Swamptech