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PST Bulk Redirect Checker is an application for checking where redirection links point to. We can detect many kinds of redirects, including 301 permanent, 302 temporary, HTML meta redirects, JavaScript redirections, and more. You can process an unlimited amount of links with this program.

You can easily add a large list of links to the program and check them all automatically, as well as finding out information about the next web page which the link points to. We can detect chained redirects and analyse found redirects, so we can see where the link truly goes.

PST Bulk Redirect Checker is free for personal use only.
For commercial use you must purchase a license, please contact support to do so.

Download PST BRC

v0.1 – Initial release

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Minimum Requirements

Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10, or Windows Server 2008 or later
.NET 4.6 or later
Internet connection

This program is free for personal use

Support development

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Configurable Options

Many configurable options including skipping HTTP to HTTPS redirects, trailing slashes, and more. Identify and process chained redirects.

JavaScript and HTML Meta redirects

Identify the use of JavaScript and HTML meta tags, in additional to normal 301 and 302 redirects.

Proxy Support

Proxy support, including authentication.

Import and Export Menu

Import from multiple sources including the clipboard, files, and from the web. Export to text and Excel files.

Manipulate List

Manipulate the list of results by status, type, and other options.

Timeout and User Agent

Set custom timeout duration and user agent strings.

More Features

  • Export to TXT and CSV files.
  • Import from clipboard, files, online, or extract links from a web page.
  • Persistent settings for future use.
  • Knowledgebase available for learning.
  • YouTube channel with video tutorials.
  • Reorder links alphabetically, in reverse, or randomly.
  • Find status of the target URL.
  • Check for updates in the program.
  • Check unlimited links.


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