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PST Alive Checker v0.1


PST Alive Checker is powerful program for checking whether website links are alive or dead. You can add a huge list and check all pages in bulk. We can check the status codes on many URLs to determine if websites or pages are working as expected, then copy groups of links to the next part of the process easily. Alive Checker will always be free, and supported by donations.

PST Alive Checker is free for personal use only.
For commercial use you must purchase a license, please contact support to do so.

Download Alive Checker

v0.1 – Initial release

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Minimum Requirements

Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10, or Windows Server 2008 or later
.NET 4.6 or later
Internet connection

This program is free for personal use

Support development

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Import Settings

Import URLs from a file, clipboard, a URL, or extract links from a web page.

HTTP Response Status Codes

Check the HTTP response status codes for every link, by number and name.

Redirect Settings

Choose to follow redirects, or just check the redirect link itself.

Timeout setting

Define how long to wait for timeout in milliseconds.

Manipulate Settings

Manipulate results based on whether they are alive, dead, timed out, or by HTTP response status code.

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Want to Help?

This program will be free for personal use forever, however if you want to support this project and future ones you can donate here.