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What Are Proxies?

Proxies are to make you anonymous on the internet.

When using a proxy, your computer will connect to the proxy server, and then the proxy server will connect to the website. All information will go through the proxy server. The website will only see a connection from the proxy server, so your true location and identity becomes hidden.

For example, if you were using a proxy that’s in Spain, the website would think were in Spain, when really you might chasing bandits on horseback through Scotland.

Why Should I Use Proxies?

Using a proxy increases privacy, hides your true location, and can unblock region-locked content.

If you are using programs to automate large amounts of tasks, the websites may eventually block you for “unnatural behaviour.” To get around this, using a proxy would allow you to continue your work immediately.

There are many free public proxies available online, however you will experience slow speeds, broken servers, and blocked websites caused by other users. Free services are often used by thousands of other people for spamming, and will likely be flagged for spam already. The best way is to use paid, high quality proxies.

Where Can I Buy Proxies?

For fast, private, anonymous proxies, we recommend

Their service features unlimited bandwidth, new proxies every month, loads of locations, and extremely good customer support. In our experience, if a proxy becomes broken they will replace it for free within hours, or sometimes minutes.

Their services start at $10 per month for either semi-dedicated or dedicated proxies, which will be renewed each month.

Semi-dedicated proxies are used by just a few people, and are ideal for simple automated tasks.

Dedicated proxies are only used by you, and are best to use for more important tasks, like running a social media account.

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Note: The above service will work with all Panic Swamptech software.